Filium, Prague

If you don’t get stuck in one of Prague’s lovely cathedrals or wonderful exhibitions, there are some great places to pick up some crafty supplies. One of these is the immensely practical haberdashery Filium in the Palladium shopping centre. Apparently they boast the widest assortment of fashion buttons in the Czech Republic and, while they might not quite beat the legendary Duttons for Buttons in York, it is a seriously impressive collection.

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Crafty Time Management Part 1

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As regular readers of the blog probably realise, I work a job(s) that is pretty demanding on both my time and my braincells. I do enjoy my work very, very much and it does give the chance to visit craft shops work all over the world. Probably because of this, one question I am commonly asked when people see my craft work is ‘how do you find the time?’  If I am honest, I find my pondering a variant of this question, ‘how do I find more time for crafting?’ way too often. Because I so often feel like I have no time for no anything, time-management, productivity and efficiency are concepts that are on my mind more frequently than I’d like to admit to. In this post, I’ll try and share some of what I’ve picked up over the years to still find time for sneaking in some sewing because, let’s face it, making stuff is fun, and making more stuff is more fun!

This post has ended up getting so long – apparently I have a huge amount to say on the topic – that I will split this into three parts (which will be out over the next weeks). Part I is about figuring out how you use your time now and what you want to do with it and Part II is about identifying how to make the best use of your time and Part III will be all about practical time management strategies. This will all be my very waffly opinions based on my own experiences, so I hope you find perhaps something you can identify with in there – if not, I’d love to hear your approaches!

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Hello 2019!

Welcome to the first post of 2019, what I hope will be a happy year for all of you filled with piles of shiny inspiration and crafting time. If I look back over the last year, before I start looking forward into the next one, it has definitely been an interesting time as well as the year where this blog has grown to over 100 posts!

astitchornine (2)

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Britex Fabrics, San Francisco

I’ve been to different places in the States several times over the years but so far, the West Coast has remained unexplored territory for me. When the opportunity came up to visit California, I obviously couldn’t resist going to find out whether there was anything on offer to rival some of the lovely places I saw in Boston on my last visit.

1 (14)

America tends to do big, bold and grand very well and Britex Fabrics in San Francisco is no exception. It is a multi-storey bonanza of all things craft related and has one of the best collections of craft gadgets I’ve seen outside of Japan.

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Tutorial: Making Paper Quills

What do criminals and crafters have in common? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, quite a lot! Their definition of the noun ‘stash’ is as follows:

stash, n.1 slang (orig. and chiefly U.S.).

1 a. Something, or a collection of things, stashed away; a hoard, stock; a cache.

  1. A cache of an (illegal) drug; a quantity (of a drug); the drug itself.
  2. slang (orig. Criminals’). A hiding-place, a hide-out; a rendezvous; a dwelling, ‘pad’.


The meaning of the verb ‘to stash’ isn’t much better either:

  1. To bring to an end, stop, desist from (a matter, a practice); to quit (a place). Often imp. stash it!, stash that!, †to stash the glim: to cease using the light. to stash up: to bring to an abrupt end.
  2. To conceal, to hide; to put aside for safe keeping; to stow or store. Freq. with away. Formerly Criminals’ slang; orig. U.S. in revived mod. use.

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