…trying again…? Really? III

…This hat really is proving to be quite the disaster, isn’t it? To start today’s post, I’d really like to thank yarnmama10 for very kindly taking the time to point out on my last post that what I had claimed (and thought) was stockinette stitch on my hat was actually garter… Whoops. I am very, very grateful for someone pointing this out to me before I picked up one of those ‘lifelong mistakes’. In my excitement to knit on with the project and rushing to remind myself the pattern for stockinette I had forgotten to pause, breathe, and think about what I was trying to do. Whoops indeed. Here is a note to myself with a helpful guide on the differences between knitting flat and in the round.

astitchornine (3)

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Taking Stock

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August was supposed to be the month of working on some of my big projects, like my two large embroideries, but it seems to be the case that life is very much what happens when you’re busy trying to make plans.


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Bochum, Craft Shops and Mittens

On my recent adventures I passed through the Germany city of Bochum, located in the Ruhr region. Bochum isn’t your usual tourist destination, mostly because it has a reputation for being an incredibly ugly place. This is even more of a damning criticism when you consider that Bochum is located in the industrial heartland of Germany.

I have been to the nearby cities of Dortmund and Dusseldorf before, so I came to Bochum with rather low expectations. However, once you’ve escaped the immediate vicinity of the central train station, the city that awaits came as something of a surprise.


During World War II, as this region was part of the centre for arms manufacture, both Bochum and many surrounding cities were nearly completely destroyed. A scant few buildings survived, including Mutter Wittig, now a restaurant, and Altes Brauhaus Rietkötter, which is awaiting re-opening for its new purpose in life.

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