Crafty Time Management Part III

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This is the final part in this three part series of looking at the question of ‘how do I find more time for crafting’ or, for some, ‘how do I get more crafting done in the time I have?’ Part I was all about identifying what time you could spare, Part II was about finding the right time and place for projects and in Part III we’ll look at pragmatic parts of scheduling to Get Things Done.

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Crafty Time Management Part II

In Part II of looking at Crafty Time Management, I’ll talk a bit about how to try and make the most of your crafting time and how to try and create a good environment to support your work. Perhaps after Part I you’ve realised you’re very time-rich but lack inspiration and motivation to put needle to fabric, perhaps you can only take small snatches of peace and quiet to work on projects that can be stuffed back into the corner at no notice. Whatever your situation, how can you try and make the most of what you have? We’ll have a look at some other practical tips in Part III next week.

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