More Gold, More Monograms

A lot of things were supposed to happen this year, including finding a way to get back to my Royal School of Needlework certificate course, but of course, sometime the things that are supposed to happen just don’t work out. At least they don’t always work out as planned, sometimes they work out in mysterious ways that actually end up being maybe better than what you’d originally been aiming for.

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Little Lion Yarn

I’ve been without a spinning wheel for quite a while now and have been missing playing with fibre so much that I’ve even tried learning to use a spindle. However, I never got along particularly well with that, until a very fantastic person gave me a 10 g spindle which revolutionised the whole process. If you’re a beginner at spindling, don’t like making aran-weight singles, and don’t enjoy putting dents in your floor, try a lighter spindle. I promise it’s good!

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