Little Thoughts And Edelweiss

lThank you all for your very lovely and thoughtful comments last week. Interesting as well to see how many of you also felt that you didn’t want to blog about the ‘thing we talk about all the time but don’t really want to discuss’. I’m afraid it’s not quite shiny things for this week’s outing, but is an adventure in digitising and the joy that are ESA fonts.

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Hello Shiny Things

Ufffff… well, I guess I should start this post with an apology to both you and my neglected blog. Sadly I have not skipped off into some fibery sunset to develop new innovative chain plying methods, instead the reasons for my absence are rather more lame. Being the eternal optimist about time commitments, I had hoped that the last few weeks would just be standard levels of busy rather than ‘everything is on fire’ status.

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Christmas Card Panic!

Nothing like a good Christmas deadline to focus the mind and needle… Traditionally, I am terrible at Christmas. I barely manage to get Christmas cards to friends and people who definitely deserve it, even though I really appreciate everyone who is infinitely more competent, organised and takes the time to think of me. I usually deal with this by an absolute refusal to make handmade Christmas gifts, saving them for birthdays instead, but I did want to at least try and redeem myself as a human being this year…

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More Monograms at the Card Factory!

After the success of my last monogrammed card, and as part of the greetings card factory that is now my apartment, I wanted to have a go at digitising and stitching out a more complex design… and including my favourite thing, more metallic thread. This design is a very simplified version of a beautiful cadel by Elen Verch Phelip and you can see some more of her amazing work on her website here. She seems to be a person of limitless talents!

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Making Machine Embroidered Cards

If you are into machine embroidery and haven’t seen Machine Embroidery Geek’s website, I really recommend taking a look. There’s lot of great resources but definitely my favourite part is where she justifies the cost of buying an embroidery machine with ‘how much you will save on gifts’. Perhaps I am a particularly miserly and uncharitable soul, but this seems like a very weak justification for which the maths does not add up, unless you attach a monetary value to the fun and joy that comes with making gifts on the machine.

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Paper Twizzling

One of the great things about being completely thrown out of routine is it suddenly feels like a very good time to try and sneak in all the things you ‘never had time to do.’

1 (6).jpg

Paper quilling was a fairly recent discovery for me. I saw some intriguing greetings cards in a small shop, which resulted in a bit of internet research and the familiar ‘I’ve got to try that!’ feeling. Luckily, quilling, or the art of twizzling, squeezing and screaming at paper to turn into various decorative shapes, is relatively inexpensive to get started with. You can do it with just some scrap paper, a toothpick and some glue if you’re feeling really brave.

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