Applique Engineering Solutions: Bernina CutWorks Tool

I really enjoyed making my little applique cat but one of the parts I disliked about the project and applique more generally is the cutting. With an embroidery machine that thinks 1 mm is equivalent to a country mile, precision is the name of the game and I don’t think I’m going to be in competition with Swiss engineering any time soon… Luckily I don’t have to be, as of course Swiss engineering has the answer to all of my cutting woes, in the form of the Bernina CutWorks tool.

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Embroidered Patches

A while ago, I had a go at designing and digitising my own patches. It wasn’t a complete failure, but far from a success either. One of the big problems I’d had was not having a strong enough water-soluble stabiliser so the design ended up not really registering properly as it moved as the layers were being sewn together…

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Machine Embroidered Organza Rose

Machine embroidery isn’t all greetings cards and monogrammed towels. It turns out you can make some rather complex things with it! I’ve been really interested in doing some stumpwork for a while, and made a start on a project, but doing hand embroidery of lots of small fiddly pieces, to go through the heartbreak of cutting them out and risking nipping a few threads is a rough way to learn!

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Digitising Monograms

Monograms are incredibly popular motifs with machine embroidery. With the speed of digital embroidery, it’s a quick way to transform a boring generic item into something a bit more special and personal. I absolutely love illuminated letters and fancy lettering too and really think they can easily be a work of art in themselves.

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Making Machine Embroidered Cards

If you are into machine embroidery and haven’t seen Machine Embroidery Geek’s website, I really recommend taking a look. There’s lot of great resources but definitely my favourite part is where she justifies the cost of buying an embroidery machine with ‘how much you will save on gifts’. Perhaps I am a particularly miserly and uncharitable soul, but this seems like a very weak justification for which the maths does not add up, unless you attach a monetary value to the fun and joy that comes with making gifts on the machine.

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Beyond the Festival of Quilts: Jogakbo Light Catcher

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As it seems everything else in life has had to go online, I supposed it was only an inevitability until things like craft shows and festivals started finding ways to transport themselves to the digital domain. This is exactly what the Festival of Quilts was experimenting with, with their ‘Beyond the Festival of Quilts’ event, which caught my eye for the digital masterclasses on offer.

astitchornine (2)

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